Catfish – “A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they’re not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances” (source – Urban Dictionary).

This type of modern day investigation is most effective in confirming a persons true identity and whether they are being honest with you about their life story, employment status and financial position.

According to recent statistics around one third of all marriages today involve couples that met online so although it is a viable way of meeting a partner, it can also be fraught with deception and even danger.

Consequently, if you believe you may have met that special someone, but some things are not quite adding up or there is distance involved and you have not met them; it is prudent to do some discreet homework to allay your concerns (or confirm them!).

Investigation costs can be tailored to your individual circumstances and can start with a few routine searches to at least verify basic information; or alternatively, where desired, we can conduct a full investigation to completely analyse a persons background and provide comprehensive information regarding all areas of their life.

An investigation like this could save you a great deal of wasted time on the wrong relationship or give you peace of mind to fully pursue a potential life partner, safe in the knowledge that they have been truthful in their dealings with you online.

There will always be an argument or concern that starting your involvement with another person by investigating their background is not romantic or ideal, however the reality of online meeting/dating means you initially do not know who you are communicating with – and it is now very different to the past when you often met a potential partner at work or through a friend where you actually spent time with them face to face.

The rules have now changed and any expenditure on this type of enquiry should be viewed as an investment to protect your future…..and potentially your safety.

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