Location Of Assets

Before litigation is commenced, it is often prudent to establish the assets of a Debtor to determine whether proceedings would be worthwhile.

Whilst there is often principle involved, the commercial realities are that litigation would not be worthwhile if the Debtor was not a person of any financial substance.

Our access to databases, including the ASIC and LTO, enables us to thoroughly examine a person’s financial position and to ‘cross-match’ concealed assets, either under the guise of a corporate entity or through the involvement of relatives. In addition, we regularly use surveillance to clarify a debtor’s employment status, which may enable a garnishee of wages.

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Background Checks

Before engaging a new business partner, employing a person to that vital role or making an investment that may not necessarily be conventional, it is extremely important to arrange a thorough background check to determine the bona fides of all relevant parties.

Our Company has all the tools and resources to uncover information about those persons or organisations you intend to deal with. The old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is certainly relevant in these matters and we have the expertise to give you comprehensive background information to protect your future.

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