Peter A. Cox and Assocs. Pty Ltd was founded by Mr. Peter Cox in 1972. Cox Commercial Services was formed by Mr. Jeff Cox in 1989, primarily to diversify from our core business of private and insurance investigations.

Both companies operated together to provide a broad range of investigation and mercantile services to Insurers, Banks, Law Firms and many other entities & private individuals.

During a restructure in 2017, the entities were merged in effect, to become Peter A. Cox and Assocs. Pty Ltd T/A Cox Commercial Services with ABN 78 001 428 539.

Together with our other company, ASAP Process Services Pty Ltd, we are one of the most well-known and respected investigation companies in Australia, with a reputation for quality service and results.

Please see our range of services below.

Skip Tracing & Missing Persons

Including – Witness and Debtor Location

One of the cornerstones of successful skip tracing are the specialised database searches we undertake.

Not only is it important to access appropriate databases, it is equally essential to have the skill set to analyse, understand and cross match data.

Our organisation excels in this field and our long list of satisfied and repeat Clients are testimony to our high standards of service delivery and performance.

When it is not possible to locate a witness or debtor, the whole proceedings at hand can come to a standstill. Many Investigators, Process Servers and Commercial Agents simply do not have the requisite skills to locate ‘skips’ or missing persons.

In this regard, we are absolutely confident that our investigative background and 49 + years of experience means we are the right choice over our competitors.

Many of our Agents involved in skip tracing and location enquiries are also licensed Private Inquiry Agents with the ability to conduct a range of investigations above and beyond that of a Mercantile Agent. They are also in a position to professionally carry out surveillance where required, which can be a useful tool in skip tracing.

Skip tracing requires specialised skills for an effective success rate to avoid ‘throwing good money after bad’ so far as debts are concerned, and of course with respect to missing persons (particularly involving a family member or old friend) it is imperative that our Investigators achieve results with these personal matters. 

For further assistance, please contact the Mona Vale office of Cox Commercial Services on (02) 9997-4122. 


A major part of effective Skip Tracing involves database searches. In this respect, we have access to the following:-

  • A.S.I.C.
  • ABN Lookup
  • Acceleon Data & Detective Desk
  • Land and Property Information (Australia-wide)
  • Fair Trading
  • White Pages
  • Reverse Phones
  • Electoral Roll 
  • CDAD (Court appearances)
  • Google
  • Social Media

Having access to these databases is important. However, as mentioned earlier, equally so is the experience and knowledge to examine and understand the search results, particularly regarding ‘cross-matching’ of data.

Combined with professional Operatives in the field, we offer the very best in witness and debtor location or missing persons investigations.

Asset Searching & Background Checks

Location Of Assets

Before litigation is commenced, it is often prudent to establish the assets of a Debtor to determine whether proceedings would be worthwhile.

Whilst there is often principle involved, the commercial realities are that litigation would not be worthwhile if the Debtor was not a person of any financial substance.

Our access to databases, including the ASIC and LTO, enables us to thoroughly examine a person’s financial position and to ‘cross-match’ concealed assets, either under the guise of a corporate entity or through the involvement of relatives. In addition, we regularly use surveillance to clarify a debtor’s employment status, which may enable a garnishee of wages.

For more information about this very important service, please contact the Mona Vale office of Cox Commercial Services on (02) 9997-4122. 

Background Checks

Before engaging a new business partner, employing a person to that vital role or making an investment that may not necessarily be conventional, it is extremely important to arrange a thorough background check to determine the bona fides of all relevant parties.

Our Company has all the tools and resources to uncover information about those persons or organisations you intend to deal with. The old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is certainly relevant in these matters and we have the expertise to give you comprehensive background information to protect your future.



With over 49 years’ experience, our organisation understands the need for the utmost discretion when it comes to private investigations, which may involve surveillance on a partner or spouse, troubled teenagers, or missing persons enquiries.

Importantly, for your convenience, we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and therefore have the capability to handle urgent assignments whenever they arise. Our Surveillance Investigators are experienced and fully licensed to ensure the right results are achieved.

This type of investigation can be particularly sensitive and accordingly, you need to engage a reputable, licensed Investigation Company that you can trust to carry out the investigation in a discreet, effective and lawful fashion.

Having been in operation since 1972, you can have absolute peace of mind that the Cox Group will professionally and sensitively service all of your requirements in any private investigation.

Corporate & Industrial

While we have a rigid policy of preserving the anonymity of our clients, we can reveal that our portfolio has included Federal and State Government Departments, major corporations, prominent legal practitioners and individuals from all walks of life.

Whether a factual investigation is required to clarify embezzlement or corporate fraud, or whether surveillance is needed to monitor staff or stock movement, we have the experience and expertise to ensure the right results are achieved.

With over 49 years’ experience and a genuine capacity to accept instructions on a national basis, we offer a uniform approach to investigations, with one convenient point of contact at our Head Office in Mona Vale.

Please feel free to contact Peter or Jeff Cox for a free consultation to discuss your situation.


Since the inception of Peter A. Cox & Associates Pty Ltd over 49 years ago, our core revenue has been derived from insurance investigation. With more than four decades of experience, our Company has developed expertise investigating a wide range of insurance claims. Such claims include, but are not limited to:-

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Motor, Domestic and Commercial
  • Marine
  • Fire
  • Compulsory Third Party
  • Liability (Product, Legal and Public)
  • Income Protection and T.P.D.

Conveniently, we are proficient in both factual and surveillance investigations, and can provide reputable, competent and fully licensed Operatives in each area.

Please take the time to read the information below to be confident in our credentials and capacity to service your requirements.


In all types of claims, factual investigations play a very important role in establishing the facts and circumstances surrounding the event in question.

One of the crucial issues of factual investigations is the taking of competent statements that provide all necessary information, enabling Insurers and their legal advisers to make important decisions in relation to liability.

Of course, the key ingredient of a competent statement is the careful preparation of questions to be asked of a person during an interview.

In this respect, it should be noted that our Principal, Mr Peter Cox, is a former Senior Detective with the New South Wales Police Service who has extensive experience in the areas of major crime and Scientific Police investigation.

In 1990, at the joint request of the California Department of Justice, Department of Treasury and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, he presented a paper concerning “Investigative Statement Taking” to the International Association of Forensic Sciences. Details of the paper have since been sought by the Home Office, London and the Forensic Division of the Training and Standards Branch, Australian Federal Police.

We offer both Narrative Statements and Digitally Recorded Interviews, whichever a Client may prefer. Computer generated sketch plans, photographs and comprehensive, but concise, reports are all provided in a professional and cost effective manner.


Personal Injury claims often require surveillance to determine the veracity or otherwise of a claim. We have conducted surveillance in relation to a range of Personal Injury claims over the past 49 years, primarily concerning Compulsory Third Party, Public Liability, Income Protection and Workers’ Compensation. We have also carried out surveillance in domestic and sensitive industrial assignments, together with Government work.

Our Principals, Managers and many senior Surveillance staff have a wealth of experience in discreetly observing Subjects, of which we are required to obtain video and photographs.

Surveillance investigations have formed a significant part of our revenue over the past 49 years and therefore, we have been committed to ensuring that our Investigators perform consistently to a high standard.

We are acutely aware of our responsibilities with surveillance concerning privacy and security of information. We are also very conscious of ensuring we report our findings in a professional and unbiased manner.

If, for example, a Claimant appears genuinely restricted, we will certainly not fully utilize the allocated hours on that particular job.

On the other hand, if a Claimant is particularly active and his activities are contradictory to his claims of incapacity, we may liaise with Claims staff and seek additional hours, particularly in order to obtain video evidence over consecutive days.

Whilst experienced Investigators and competent management are essential, it is also important to have suitable equipment and in this regard we use the most advanced cameras available, resulting in unrivalled video quality.

Romantic Background Checks

Catfish – “A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they’re not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances” (source – Urban Dictionary).

This type of modern day investigation is most effective in confirming a persons true identity and whether they are being honest with you about their life story, employment status and financial position.

According to recent statistics around one third of all marriages today involve couples that met online so although it is a viable way of meeting a partner, it can also be fraught with deception and even danger.

Consequently, if you believe you may have met that special someone, but some things are not quite adding up or there is distance involved and you have not met them; it is prudent to do some discreet homework to allay your concerns (or confirm them!).

Investigation costs can be tailored to your individual circumstances and can start with a few routine searches to at least verify basic information; or alternatively, where desired, we can conduct a full investigation to completely analyse a persons background and provide comprehensive information regarding all areas of their life.

An investigation like this could save you a great deal of wasted time on the wrong relationship or give you peace of mind to fully pursue a potential life partner, safe in the knowledge that they have been truthful in their dealings with you online.

There will always be an argument or concern that starting your involvement with another person by investigating their background is not romantic or ideal, however the reality of online meeting/dating means you initially do not know who you are communicating with – and it is now very different to the past when you often met a potential partner at work or through a friend where you actually spent time with them face to face.

The rules have now changed and any expenditure on this type of enquiry should be viewed as an investment to protect your future…..and potentially your safety.