ASAP Process Services Pty Ltd is registered with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission with ABN 99 099 651 724.

The business was purchased by the Cox Group in 2002 to add additional services, such as Process Serving and Field Calls, to our existing repertoire. ASAP is now an integral part of our operations.

ASAP has gone on to be a successful service provider to many Clients, including numerous prominent law firms, and operates Australia Wide.

Please see our range of services below.

Process Serving

Genuine National Coverage

ASAP Process Services Pty Ltd provides a fast, efficient service, Australia-wide, for all your process serving needs.

We offer a genuine national service with one convenient point of contact, which many of our clients appreciate, particularly with respect to the time factor (not having to search around for a reputable Agent in various areas) and the uniform approach to service standards / fees.

Unlike most Process Servers, we also have the added dimension of a thorough skip tracing service (see the heading, “Skip Tracing”, on this website for further information), which is the result of our investigative background.

We are in a position to receive instructions by E-Mail, DX or Post; however, we are, of course, always prepared to pick up those urgent assignments that arise from time to time.

Our Parramatta office is well-placed to accept volume instructions or the odd matter that crops up occasionally. For any further information on process serving, please contact the Parramatta office on (02) 9891-6280

Can’t Serve Them?

Because we offer a variety of services under one roof, we are well-placed to provide assistance with those difficult process serving matters where the Subject is either difficult to locate or elusive with respect to service. This, of course, can particularly apply to those documents which require personal service.

We are well-known to many major law firms for our ability to get the job done where previous Process Servers and Investigators have failed.

This is quite simply attributable to our investigative experience, expertise and the thorough formulation of a plan to achieve a successful outcome. That often means it is necessary to carry out discreet enquiries, data base searches or surveillance to get the job done.

If you would like assistance with a difficult process serving matter, please contact our Parramatta office on (02) 9891-6280. 

Field Calls

Field Calls or “Door Knocks” are a very cost effective tool (in the initial stages of proceedings in particular) to confirm residency, deliver a letter of demand or discuss a debt or other matter with the Subject in question. Our Agents are experienced in questioning Debtors or Witnesses and our proven formats ensure our Clients receive all relevant information.

Pursuant to a Field Call, Clients are often in a position to make further decisions about Liability or whether Litigation is required; and if a Subject has vacated the last known address we can conduct a Skip Trace to locate them. Naturally, if litigation commences at a later stage, we can also assist with Process Serving.


With over 20 years’ experience in the delicate area of repossessions, ASAP Process Services Pty Ltd is the right choice for this type of service.

Our Agents are highly trained and fully au fait with the National Credit Code and the Privacy Act, ensuring lawful repossessions.

Apart from repossessing vehicles or other equipment, we also skilfully negotiate with Debtors to extract payments, which, can often be preferable to the actual repossession taking place. During regular communication with our clients, we formulate a plan of action to secure the best possible outcome.

Of course, if a Debtor ‘skips’ with a vehicle, that can be a major problem resulting in monetary loss. Our skip tracing team are second to none in their success rate of locating people who do not wish to be found, and in this regard, you may care to seek further details from the Skip Tracing Section on this website.

Please contact our Parramatta office on (02) 9891-6280 should you require further assistance. 

Debt Recovery

Debt recovery is a critical component of any successful business operation.

However, the approach to debt recovery, particularly by large corporate entities, can often be disjointed and influenced by cyclical factors, including profitability, company performance and market forces, to name a few.

The implementation of a comprehensive, streamlined debt recovery programme such as ours provides the platform for superior results and cost savings to your bottom line.

Our Litigation Division can meet all of your requirements from the very first letter of demand to the final Bankruptcy Notice, should that become necessary.

We have a range of affiliated law firms who act on our behalf with respect to defended matters at cost-effective and attractive corporate rates.

ASAP Process Services Pty Ltd has the experience and proven track record to satisfy all of your debt recovery requirements.

To find out more about our extremely competitive rates and how we can help you, please contact our Mona Vale office on (02) 9997-4122.