Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

The Cox Group and its associated corporate entities are committed to handling personal and confidential information in a responsible manner. All of our Investigators, staff and contractors are supplied with a Code of Conduct which incorporates issues concerning privacy.

Moreover, our procedural operations are carried out in accordance with the new Privacy Amendment Act that came into force on 12 March 2014.

We are committed to conforming with all requirements of the Privacy Act, with particular emphasis on the security of information, confidential storage of information, fair and lawful gathering of information, accurate record-keeping and general security arrangements.

We undertake not to disclose to any person any confidential or personal information provided to us in connection with any investigation or instruction. We also wish to confirm that all measures will be taken to ensure personal and confidential information is protected against loss, theft, unauthorised use or other misuse.

Any enquiries by an individual concerning access to information held by our Company must be referred to either Peter or Jeff Cox for consideration.

In essence, however, it is Company policy to refer all such enquiries to the applicable client for their advice.