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Why Should You Use A Spy Camera? 

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A hidden camera or spy camera is a still or video camera that is used to record people without their knowledge. The camera is considered “hidden” because it is either not visible to the subject being filmed, or is disguised as another object.

With the recent advances in technology, hidden cameras have become incredibly cheap to buy and the average covert spy camera measures just 30mm x 30mm x 30mm in size, or less, which means, these spy cameras can be hidden pretty much anywhere – such as behind walls, mirrors, teddy bears, books, watches, vases, photo frames, alarm clocks, and lots of other every day objects. Putting that in consideration, this article will give you an idea why you should use a spy camera for home security.

The Fundamentals of The Modern-Day Spy Cameraspy camera

Way back when spy cams were just a new invention, they were not as efficient in performance and as small in appearance. Modern-day spy cameras can offer a lot more in terms of functions, durability, and variety. It’s also more acceptable now for ordinary people to make use of these hidden security cameras.

If you’re planning to get your own spy recorder, you ought to learn more about how it works and if it’s actually legal in your state. It’s also essential to learn more first about the different types available and what new features can enhance the experience and benefit you can get out of a particular camera.

What are the Pros and Cons of Spy Cameras?

There are plenty of pros and cons involved in the use of spy cameras, which are dependent on who are using them and for what purposes. For example, if it’s a parent who wants to know if the babysitter is really taking care of the kids, then one advantage of the spy camera is to ensure the children’s safety. If it’s a shop owner who would like to catch who among the employees are stealing money from the cash register, then the benefit of the hidden security camera changes. It is used for investigation and to provide evidence of misconduct or theft (in NSW a shop or business owner may need permission to install a hidden camera under the NSW Workplace Video Surveillance Act).

In general, spy cameras are great tools for gathering of evidence, protection and safety, and investigation. This is why they are used by law enforcement officers and private investigators. These innovative technologies can actually save lives and help promote peace and order.

In this regard, it’s better to use a spy camera or a spy recorder for discreet reasons. At least you will not draw any unwarranted attention and you can go about your business without causing any disruption or panic.

The downside to using hidden spy cameras is that it can sometimes violate the rights of people if you don’t use it properly. Also, there are some care providers and other professionals who may feel downgraded, uncomfortable, and distrusted by employers when they discover that there are spy cameras around. This leads to an unhealthy working relationship.

Who Uses Hidden Security Cameras?

Back in days gone by, hidden security cameras were rarely available to members of the public.    They were and are still being used by those working in investigation units and law enforcement offices. Indeed these have helped solve a lot of cases and contributed to safety, peace, and order.

Today, such cameras can easily be bought by a civilian and used for whatever purpose he or she wants. Of course there may be repercussions if these people use spy cameras for malicious intent, such as to take unsavoury video or for blackmail. Often, spy recorders and cameras are utilized by business owners and managers who want to keep an eye on their teams or employees as well as to check the activities going on in their offices or establishments. Day care owners and parents sometimes make use of these as well in order to ensure that the children are treated properly and that care providers are doing their jobs. The same goes in care institutions like homes for the aged.

Most people who buy hidden cameras are hoping to solve a problem in their life — or they’re worried about what’s happening when they’re not around. When you buy a hidden camera, there’s always the risk that, even if something does happen, the camera won’t capture it for some reason: the lighting was wrong, the memory card ran out of space, the camera angle was off, etc. We’re here to minimize your risk. If you consider these simple concerns during setup, you’ll be able to gather the footage you need and put your mind at ease.

The most important advice we can give is this: Always test your spy cam in the environment where you’ll be using it. If that’s not possible, try to simulate the shooting environment as best you can beforehand. An example would be: If you’re recording your child’s nursery, set up your camera in the nursery during the time of day you’re expecting to record and make sure your footage is acceptable. If you’re looking to record a hotel room and you can’t visit it beforehand, recreate the environment in your own bedroom as best you can to confirm that the camera is capturing the level of detail you need. The considerations that follow are extremely valuable, but the most important thing to remember is to test your footage first.


Setting up an indoor hidden camera can be a challenge. Throughout the day, lighting conditions can vary substantially; so if you’re setting the camera up during the day, but the footage you need to capture is at night, you could miss your shot completely due to shadows. When you’re installing the camera, take specific notice of how the light moves across the room during the day. If you’re recording a nursery and you have a window that shines light in in the morning, set up your camera facing away from the window; this will ensure that your camera isn’t just capturing shadows. If you need to monitor a hotel room or your bedroom safe at night, assume that anyone looking to steal anything will need to turn a light on to do their dirty work (or use an infrared camera). Set up your camera somewhere that isn’t looking directly into the light.

Camera Placementspy camera

When setting up a hidden camera, it’s important to carefully consider where to place it within a room. If you’re using a wall clock hidden camera, for example, be careful not to hang it too high or too low. If you do, you’ll wind up recording the top of someone’s head or their knees. Likewise, if you’re setting up an AC adapter hidden camera, don’t put it in a corner behind your couch, or facing an area of your room that doesn’t get much action. Instead, take note of where the camera lens is, and make sure to aim it at the area you’re most looking to monitor.

In most cases, it’s not necessarily essential to capture the most detail possible on your hidden camera. If you’re monitoring your nanny or a domestic helper, for example, you can afford to settle on a lower image resolution. (you’re not looking to identify an unknown person, just to make sure he or she is providing professional care.) But if you’re using a hidden camera to monitor your business, it could be vitally important to have a detailed image of a customer in the event of shoplifting or some kind of conflict.

Best Spy Camera

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