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Virtual Investigator

Competent Private Investigators provide a range of different services to the community. Consequently, an experienced investigator is in a position to give opinions and information on a range of issues.

We have dealt with almost every job imaginable including Family Law, Cheating Spouses, Neighbour Disputes, Troubled Teens, Missing Persons, Insurance Claims, Corporate investigations, Debugging, Security, Process Serving, Debt Recovery and Asset Searching to name but a few.

Obtaining preliminary information about your problem is a very cost effective way to make further decisions regarding your available options. It may be that purchasing the e-mail consultation with us ($165.00 including GST) sufficiently puts your mind at ease; or it may confirm your thoughts and prompt you to take further action which may include instructing our company to conduct surveillance or an investigation; or perhaps to purchase spy gadgets from our online store so that you can find your own solution.

The Cox Group was established in 1972 so you can be assured we are truthful, experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy.

We look forward to giving you peace of mind so contact us today.

The Cox Group

Providing professional investigation services across Australia since 1972.