True Australian Crime Stories

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True Australian Crime Stories

Peter Cox is a former CIB Detective with the NSW Police Force and his career investigating all types of major crimes spanned 20 years. In 1970, Peter became a Private Investigator and went on to operate one of Australia’s largest and most successful agencies – Peter A. Cox & Associates Pty Ltd. Peter is still working as a Private Eye and his E-Book showcases many of the exciting Police & Private investigations he was involved in. The book comprises 207 action packed pages and below is an excerpt of one of the chapters: –

THE savage murder of Monica Schofield happened early in Peter Cox’s detective career but it would haunt him forever.

When she was abducted, raped and murdered, the pretty young schoolgirl was carrying in her schoolbag something that would eventually lead police to her body at Deadmans Creek.

Monica was just 12 years old, an intelligent student who had just topped her high school exams in the middle of 1963.

Regarded by her friends and family as polite and unselfish, she loved animals.

In her brown school case, which had her name written inside the lid, she had a copy of Joy Adamson’s book, Born Free.

Deadmans Creek was just off Heathcote Road in the southwestern Sydney suburb of East Hills.

A few kilometres along the same road was the East Hills Migrant Hostel, where Monica lived with her parents and younger brother.

The Schofields had sailed to Australia on the “ten pound migration scheme” in the early 1960s, and lived at the hostel on the edge of a kilometre of wasteland known as “the desert”.

Like other migrant children at the hostel, Monica would have to cross the “desert” and then walk along a narrow bush track and a footbridge to attend East Hills High School.

It was a Monday morning — June 17, 1963 — that Monica was walking to school unaware it was her last day alive.

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