Motorola 8 KMs Walkie Talkie with Rechargeable Batteries

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The Motorola Walky Talkie T-5720 is a cool functional device for both recreational and professional functionality. It is an essential safety device for long distance private network free work communication but can also double up as an entertaining product for children. The Walky Talkies are designed to have minimal interference from other radios. Compact, rugged and weather-resistant this is a sporty product that can withstand rough usage. The device has 10 audible call tones and hands-free voice activation (VOX). These two way radios have a range of up to five miles (range varies with terrain and conditions). The purchase includes handy belt clip to keep the walky talkie radios safe from being lost. The radios work with easily accessible AA Batteries. The Handy QT feature offers additional noise filtering. Buy this phenomenal product only on Snapdeal.

These radios work between 500 and 1000 metres in city limits, and up to 5 kilometres in open areas. They have 22 channels and 38 privacy codes, and are compatible with 7 joint General Mobile Service (GMRS)/Family Radio Service (FRS) and 7 FRS & 8 GMRS.


The Motorola Walky Talkie T-5720 is a very fashionably designed attractive gadget, which may be used for recreational communication and for short distance professional non surveillance communication. The radios work under several channels including 7 GMRS/FRS Channel (1 W Each), 7 FRS Channels (.5 W Each) and 8 GMRS Channels (1 W Each). They have a transmitting power of 1 W.

The devices have 10 Audible Call Tones for personalization options and a talk Confirmation Tone. The panel has several indicator lights including Transmit LED Battery Meter Indicator and an Audible Low-battery Indicator. The devices are also Audio Output compatible with a provided 1 Stereo Minijack (0.3 cm) to hook up with a speaker or recording system. The radios also have a time-out timer.

The QT Noise Filter ensures clarity of sound during communication. The Display Backlit LCD brightens and adds to the cool look of the radios. The Security Keypad Lock feature ensures the devices remain private.

Motorola also offers optional accessories with the radios including Voice-activation accessories (for Hands-free use) such as the compatible Motorola Speaker/Microphone Model 53724.

Package Contents:

2 Talkabout T5720 Radios
2 Swivel Belt Clips
A User Manual

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