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What are Sydney Private Investigators?

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Private investigators provide private investigative services to collect information. Private detectives analyze information to solve mysteries and uncover facts. Private detectives and investigators offer protection services, pre-employment screening, and investigate people’s backgrounds. Some investigate identity theft, cyber harassment, and copyright violations. They assist during criminal and civil cases, insurance fraud, missing persons investigations, and child protection and custody disputes. They are often hired by people to investigate whether their spouses have committed infidelity. Private detectives utilize many investigative methods. They generally use computers to find documents, locate deleted emails, and conduct database searches. Investigators utilize computers to find information about criminal records, telephone numbers, court judgments, and motor vehicle registration.private investigator sydney

They also conduct surveillance. Investigators make phone calls to verify, for example, someone’s income or location of employment. While conducting missing persons or background checks, detectives conduct interviews to collect information. Sometimes investigators conduct undercover work to monitor people without being identified.

Most private detectives and investigators understand how to conduct physical surveillance while some specialize in using technology for surveillance. Sometimes private detectives conduct surveillance from a car or a location where they will not be noticed. Using video cameras, mobile phones, and binoculars private detectives conduct time consuming surveillance.

The duties of private detectives are dependent on clients’ requests. For example, if a private detective were investigating workers’ compensation fraud, he or she might monitor the person suspected of committing fraud to determine whether it is being committed. If the person is defrauding workers’ compensation, the investigator would document it by taking pictures and report the person to authorities.

Private Investigator Cost

How much does a private investigator cost? Well, that is an excellent question. Private investigators in Sydney are only a fairly small industry sector, although it is still a competitive one. There are a number of small operators giving the impression that they are larger than they actually are, and a few unscrupulous operators as well. All private detectives are required to be licensed in their states of operation and this can confirmed with a simple check of the licensing authority in the state of operation.

Private investigator costs can at times be high, just as the costs of conducting private investigations can soon add up. Balancing investigation costs and investigation charges can prove at times to be a challenging endeavor. Investigators must always be able to fully and effectively undertake investigations, yet also be mindful of the clients budget.

Private Investigator Sydney

At Private Eye, we will always work with our clients, and we will always attempt to work within your budget.   All work undertaken for our clients is priced on an individual case by case basis as all of our client needs, requirements and situations are different. However at Private Eye we believe that by providing basic cost estimation during the initial consultation, we are able to provide our clients with as much transparency relating to the costs of our services as possible. At Private Eye we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service; we are one of those Investigative agencies who provide clear and concise pricing/information to assist our potential clients in obtaining a cost estimate for our services. We attempt to include all reasonable costs within our base rates as we believe this makes the costing of our services far more user-friendly for client and Investigator alike.

Our pricing has been carefully drafted, and our pricing guide reflects our minimum rates and hours. Ultimately, engaging any private investigator service may require only a few hours, or many hours of work. We are not unable to pre-determine if we are able to obtain results, nor are we able to view a crystal ball in order to determine the length of time required for a case. Hence, you must always consider how much time and money you are willing and able to invest in order to obtain a result.

private investigator sydneyMost of the people who ask us advice seem to presume that the primary function of a private investigator is to access records and that somehow an investigator has access to restricted or secret records. The prevailing presumption is that ‘finding out’ is as simple as looking up some database.

A skilled, experienced private investigator can probably find out most (not all) of the information sought in these typical questions, but he won’t be doing it by accessing records. An investigator cannot access any records that you cannot access; the investigator has no special authority or privileges.

What the private investigator does have is imagination, ingenuity, persistence and the gift of the gab. He will find out most of the time, most of the things you want by extracting from the client any potential lead and then going about visiting locations and chatting with people or watching people. It is in the way he will chat to people, in the ingenious ways he will look for leads that will lead him to information.

Beware of the private investigator who promises he can check all kinds of records and will “do a search” to get you results that you want. The records that are not accessible about individuals are: credit reports, driver’s license records, motor vehicle registration records, criminal records, bank and financial institution records, Centre link records, tax records and records held by the Office of Births Deaths and Marriages. In certain exceptional circumstances a couple of these records can be accessed with an explicit written authority from the subject of the search.

You might come across websites that offer criminal records checks, however, their records are not derived from actual police databases, but from collating a variety of information from various sources including newspaper reports and court transcripts. This means such information is incomplete and not necessarily verified.

If you want to find out something, ask the investigator what he can do. If he all too readily assures you of successful outcomes and ability to access all kinds of records, then beware. Any experienced and ethical private investigator will plainly tell you what cannot be done and he won’t promise successful outcomes. The only thing he should promise is a diligent and honest approach in his work.

Hiring PI Sydney

Do you need a private investigator in Sydney, or any other Australian city? Whether it’s cheating partners, surveillance or missing persons, contact Private Eye for a consultation and get your Sydney private investigator. 

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